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RUNME R3 2.45” Touchscreen 4K 16MP Wi-Fi Action Camera, Sony Image Sensor, 30M Water Resistant Camcorder with 170° Wide-angle Lens, Sports Cam with Accessories Kit & 2 Rechargeable Batteries (Grey)

(22 customer reviews)
  • 4K ULTRA-HD VIDEO RESOLUTION:This ultra-HD 4K action camera will allow you to capture the basics of life’s most incredible moments. The Sony IMX078 image sensor also takes stunning photos. Record the adventures and wonders of your life in full 4K/24fps resolution. Other shooting options include 2K/30fps, 1080p/30fps & VGA/240fps.
  • 2.45-INCH LCD TOUCHSCREEN: The advanced LCD touchscreen of this camera allows for easy operation of the control panel, which lights up when used. Each function of the camera can be operated via the touchscreen for seamless control.
  • WATERPROOF TO 30M WITH 170° WIDE-ANGLE LENS: Equipped with a high-quality waterproof case, this camera is capable of shooting to a depth of 30M, making capturing your underwater adventures easy. The wide-angle lens enables you to capture your world in a never-before-seen way!
  • WATERPROOF TO 30M WITH 170° WIDE-ANGLE LENS: Equipped with a high-quality waterproof case, this camera is capable of shooting to a depth of 30M, making capturing your underwater adventures easy. The wide-angle lens enables you to capture your world in a never-before-seen way!
  • MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES & FUNCTIONS: The Runme R3 camera accessories kit makes shooting your adventure on the go a breeze. Take incredible shots whatever outdoor sport or activity you are doing. The R3 accessory kit is also compatible with GoPro cameras.


Runme R3 4K Action Camera – Capture Incredible Moments
The Runme R3 4K sports action camera lets you forever capture the brilliant moments of your life in ultra-high definition.

LCD Touchscreen & 170° wide-angle lens
With a 2.45-inch intuitive touchscreen, previewing and playing back your shots is both convenient and fun. This is also very handy for adjusting settings. Its sleek appearance and perfect size make it both portable and easily mountable, whilst the 170° wide-angle lens shoots the world around you perfectly.

Share Your Awesome Moments via Wi-Fi
Download the OKCAM app and connect it with your device to seamlessly share your moments to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest et al, in no time.

Gyro Stabilization
The built-in electronic image stabilization (EIS) with a 3-axis gyroscope (turn Gyro on when shooting video) provides a more stable image when the camera is subject to shocks.

Screen: 2.45-inch LCD touchscreen
Video: MP4/H.264
Image format: JPG
Image resolution:16M/14M/12M/10M/8M/5M/3M/2M
Storage format: MicroSD card, supports 64GB max.
Waterproof: Up to 30m
Video resolution: 4K/24fps, 2K/30fps, 720p/120/60/30fps, VGA/240fps,1080p/30fps
Battery: 3.7V/1000mAh
Battery autonomy: 60 Minutes
Video mode: Video/time-lapse/slow motion

What You get:
1 x Runme 4K Action Camera
1x Waterproof Shell & Case
1x Touchscreen Backdoor Cover
1x Bicycle Bracket
1x Data Cable
4 x 3M Adhesive Tape
2 x Rolling Pedestal
2 x Helmet Pedestal
1 x Camera Frame
1 x Charging Dock
2 x Three-prong Magnetic Mount Pedestal
2 x Mounting bolts
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x User Manual
2 x Rechargeable Batteries

No charger in package; generally the battery can be charged in-camera with your own USB charger (5V/1A output)

22 reviews for RUNME R3 2.45” Touchscreen 4K 16MP Wi-Fi Action Camera, Sony Image Sensor, 30M Water Resistant Camcorder with 170° Wide-angle Lens, Sports Cam with Accessories Kit & 2 Rechargeable Batteries (Grey)

  1. Luis Miguel Peña Mainieri

    Five Stars
    Good deal

  2. Jason Schalk

    Great Value!
    First off, I have not owned any other action camera so I’m not comparing it to any others. This Camera is a lot of fun to use and so easy. The touchscreen is very good quality and responsive which was a worry for the price. I really bought the camera for some snorkeling that I had coming up and it worked flawlessly. I loved using the time lapse function for leaving ports on a cruise and also used it while setting up camp on a recent camping trip. I would recommend buying an action cam accessory kit and definitely wish I had bought additional batteries. The other thing I can’t figure out is a red filter that works for underwater filming. Again, never having used another action camera I can recommend this one as an excellent value and a fun addition to trying to document my families adventures.

  3. Nicholas B.

    Good Camera
    I have own this for a month now and love the quality of the image

  4. John K

    Sweet little action camera
    I wanted an action camera but did want to drop big money on “that other action camera”. This does everything a GoPro does but at a much more reasonable price. A couple of things to clear up first. 1) the camera is splash resistant, not waterproof outside of the polycarbonate enclosure. Once in that enclosure you’re good to 30m. Ok, full disclosure, I went swimming not scuba diving with it and never made it below 6 feet but it survived. 2) another reviewer said the the software doesn’t work. Not so. I downloaded the OKCAM software. I was able to download files from the camera to my phone, remotely control the camera from the phone and using it as a WIFI camera. This feature was handy when I was hitching my trailer and truck. I have a suction cup camera mount. 3) it comes with LOTS of mounting options. You have the option of multiple mounting options including handlebar mount, multiple helmet and flat surface mounts in the basic kit. You can use the waterproof housing or the frame to mount. Picture and video quality are much better than expect, certainly far superior to what you would expect from such a reasonably priced camera.

  5. Justin Koenig

    Great for the price
    Figured I would give this camera a shot vs some of the more expensive cameras available. Takes great pics and videos, my son loved the fact that he could attach it to his bike helmet and record his riding

  6. ChadWilliam1

    Very good value
    I bought this on a whim because it was on sale. this is my second try at a cheap action camera. I wanted one i could mount on my motorcycle as a dash cam while i ride. I tested it out today on 1080 with the image stabilization on. It does a far better job than i expected. The video is very stable and you can see part of my bike and how much it is vibrating. I would like to buy another case for it and modify so i could charge while riding and open up the mic. I know there is a holder for that but I like how it protects the lens. touch screen work well too. I also screwed up and bought white. I would prefer the gray/black color. A minor complaint I have is there is no cases available for this besides the one it comes with. Don’t get me wrong the case is too notch. It is very well made but I want to modify one for my motorcycle and I can not buy a replacement. I want to be able to charge it while I ride. No big deal

  7. Rob

    Great camera at a great price.
    Fantastic action camera for a cheap price. The touchscreen is very nice (assuming you have everything set up how you want before putting in the waterproof case) Quality is impressingly good for a cheap action camera. Probably similar to a GoPro hero 3/4 Yes I would recommend this to buy.

  8. IDemiraj

    Cool little camera
    If you’re into documenting your runs or workouts, this might be of help. Its tiny, easy to hold, but also easy to lose or drop. It’s an “action” camera so its designed to capture those quick moments accurately. It also takes some decent shots during the day. For the price of the camera its worth it. If you were gong on vacation and wanted something reliable — id recommend.

  9. jake ash

    Best Action Camera For PRICE
    2 years back I bought a Go Pro Session. I didn’t like it for a bunch of reasons (no touch screen, no mobile app to sync photos/videos, terrible editing software, issues transferring photos/videos off the camera, no removable battery, hard to add music, confusing super tiny interface for changing settings etc.) And it was $399! So definitely wasn’t happy with the experience and didn’t buy another GoPro. So then I see this new $60 camera, Runme R3 2018 and decide to give it a chance. And wow was I pleasantly surprised!! All the things that sucked in that original GoPro Session have been fixed and they even added voice commands that work really smoothly. It’s literally like the exact opposite experience! I do know that I am super happy with my purchase and loving the experience. I just bought the 32 gb memory stick and that basic selfie/tripod stick thing to start. Ok you get the picture, I would DEFINITELY recommend buying a Runme R3! So far everything is working out great! no changes to my review and I will update my review after say another month of using it. I like to use the 1080p setting instead of the 4K for video recording, both come out really nice but the 4k takes up more space on my sd card. The only I might do differently is buy a 64 gb card instead of the 32 gb. The extra battery is a definite plus. The thing I like so much about this thing is how insanely portable and rugged it yet the video and picture quality is so awesome. In terms of accessories, I’m still good with the basic tripod, it fits nicely in my pocket and is a great holder for it. So yeah still working great. Video and picture quality is great, the interface is super easy to use (on the phone and the app) and it’s never not worked and I’ve been using it almost every other day. Oh and yeah I’ve used it a lot more in water. lol it’s definitely waterproof without any case. Also it is indeed very sturdy. I’ve dropped it, my kids have run over it, and it has been tossed all over. It kind of makes it more fun in a weird way. You can just hand it off to your kid and it won’t break (and believe me kids break everything) or you can go running around with and not have to be extra careful. Sorry one last thing and this is meant for parents. Give the Runme R3 to your kids for the afternoon and say just go off and fill up the memory card with lots of different videos and photos. You will get some of the most precious and genuine moments you can possibly imagine. I don’t know if it the portable size or how the tripod makes it look like a mini movie camera, but our daughter came back with heartwarming footage that we will show her years from now when she has her own kids. Ok lol sorry I know most of you don’t care about all that, but hopefully I covered the quality part of it. Anyways, it’s perfect for when you’re in the water . And since fun moments to capture kind of pop unexpectedly, I use it to keep it around my neck so I can quickly turn it on and capture what’s happening (especially easy because if you hit tap the record button on stop it just starts recording without having to push anything else). And I know this part is subject, but there’s something just fun about having it in the sleeve (especially in blue, but i’m partial to blue), you just look at it and you kind of want to grab it and start shooting something. I just recorded my daughter riding her bike for the first time (without training wheels) and it came out great. I would recommend starting with this one. The good thing is that is comes with so many accessories. Ok so to finish off, I am still super happy with the Runme R3 and I’ve been using it literally daily/every other day since I bought it. For day to day use I don’t find the need for the extra battery. But vacation trips, it was definitely a plus to get an extra battery as we couldn’t get back to the hotel or a charge point. The picture and video quality continues to be just really awesome. The versatility of this thing in terms of going from a water environment to a more rugged one where it has to be able to take a fall and not break and do so in a manner of that is truly portable and easy and quick to operate is what makes this thing so insanely useful.Anyways, overall, still loving it and with summer here it’s use has gone up to every day usage. Oh and last thing, my daughter dropped it down a flight of stairs last week and literally nothing happened to it. They should make my car out of this stuff.I was chasing my 2 1/2 year old son down the street and I had the Runme R3 in the in my sweatpants pocket and it fell out and wam it slammed on the concrete. I was like oh @#$. I looked down and the edges around the square lens cover thing was dinged up pretty good but interestingly enough the lens cover didn’t get scratched at all. So then I turned it on to check if something inside broke. But everything was fine. So yeah it’s pretty tough. anyways so just a recommendation, if you are wearing more loose fitting clothes like sweats, the Runme R3 might fall out of your pocket but if you have jeans on it’s totally fine. Still going great! The app is really well designed. The thing is practically indestructible.

  10. Michael Williams

    Love it
    Sleek and nice

  11. Amazon Customer

    Great to see what was going on in front of you.
    It is great when I’m riding my bike and when I’m driving my RV.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Nice 4k camera
    A lot of useful accessaries. Looks like a good alternative choice for GoPro!

  13. Richard A Pitruzzello

    This is a nice little action camera for the price.
    I like the size. It’s smaller than I expected. I haven’t used it that much, but so far I’m happy with the pictures and videos I’ve shot. Good quality at a reasonable price. For the record, I have no experience with GoPro, so I can’t compare the two.

  14. Arand82

    I was proved wrong! Great product for the price.
    Works great, loved that it came with accessories and the image quality is actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Great deal for the price and works perfectly for all my fishing videos.

  15. DawnW

    Waiting to use camera on our next adventure
    My husband loves this camera! He can’t wait to try it out! As soon as he does we will update this review.

  16. RED

    When you’ve exhausted your search, settle here for quality!
    I was immediately impressed with the quality and packaging of this product. In the “sea” of available 4K cameras out there, this particular camera had that “ something more “ feel to it. Attention to detail, craftsmanship and packaging with clear instructions and proper support made this a welcome addition to my business. The camera not only exceeded my expectations, but it out performs some other units we have in stock. I will purchase again and would recommend this product to anyone! I will update this review after I’ve had a chance to resolve a small issue with one of the cameras.

  17. Leslie Solomon

    Extremely compact with many uses
    I originally bought this to replace my phone for recording videos. The sound quality is good, there’s a lot of different settings for the videos. It didn’t come with an sd card otherwise I would’ve played with it right out of the box. There’s a ton of accessories that come with it too. I also found out last night as I tried to figure out how to load the videos onto my computer, but it can also act like a webcam.

  18. Gixxerfrog

    4K camera
    This is a real nice camera. I own a few other 4k cameras like this but this one exceeds them all. I really like the touch screen and the wifi so you can easily navigate on the camera vs pushing buttons on the camera itself. The wifi is nice to upload your pic/videos to your phone/computer. When i first got the package is was packaged very well. The clip on top even has a safety slide so you dont accidentally open it which i like as well. There are many options when shooting video – black and white, Sepia also has a motion detect and time lapse. It comes with two batteries which is nice. Overall i am really glad i picked one of these up, it is much better than the other 4k cameras i have. I took a few test photos/videos – just to test the quality and see how the wifi uploads etc worked and im really impressed with this camera. Edit – I am giving a little update, as I just got back from a little trip down to a small zoo and lake where we took a paddle boat out on the lake and some zoo pics/videos. I took both batteries, i forgot to recharge the 1 back up to 100% as i was just messing around home with it, which it being on about 50% lasted a good while which i took about 47 photos and about 9 videos about 1-2 mins long each. I got home and uploaded the videos to my computer and I am very happy with everything – the quality of the pics and videos are great, the sound was also pretty good. I think these are a great buy if your looking to get a camera like this. I have yet to mess with all the features – black and white or motion detection etc. but from the small trip i took today i am very happy.

  19. Skip

    Great value for the great quality.
    Perfect size for the truck and or bike helmets on our vacations. Practice videos and photos have turned out great. We are not professional photographers by no means, but we do like quality videos and photos. Works perfectly for us.

  20. Wanda L.

    Get it now, you’ll love it to!!!!!
    Love it, works great. Excellent Customer Care

  21. Christopher Helm

    Five Stars
    Nicely Packaged item, looks to be great quality and easy to setup.

  22. A. L. Tam

    Today I took this little camera out for a spin. I am amazed the picture is clear and the attachment works perfectly. I was initially worried that the camera would go loose and fly off the handle bar of my bike. I biked from oakland to richmond and it stayed on a 8mile bike ride with bumpy rides. the camera stayed on. The stabilization worked I have not use the camera with the stabilization off. I will test it out tomorrow. I would love for it to come with the helmet strap. For the price it is an amazing buy.

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